The inspirationWe are jerms...literally. Yup, our bodies contain at least as much bacteria as human cells! The majority of bacteria live in our gut and form part of the gut microbiome. Due to the obsessively sanitary nature of modern existence, bacteria’s gotten a bad rap. But these critters in our gut microbiome actually do a lot for us - they help digest food, regulate our immune system, improve our mood, stabilise weight and remove environmental toxins. Wait, so does that mean that all this gut chat isn’t just about digestion? You got it! Research shows that changes in the composition of our gut bacteria correlate with a wide range of health issues from diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis to depression and anxiety and even acne! That’s why at JERMS we believe that improving our gut health by nurturing our good bacteria is key to achieving both optimal physical and mental health. It All Starts With The Gut.

It all starts with the gut

Louise’s storyBefore having the guts to take the leap of faith to launch JERMS, I worked for years as a corporate lawyer. Lack of a work/life balance led me to burn out, suffering from chronic stress-induced gut issues (SIBO, leaky gut, acne, chronic fatigue, anxiety...). My research into finding appropriate treatments and the practitioners I met along the way led me to discover the vital role that gut health plays in all aspects of our overall health, including mental wellbeing. I’m super passionate about normalising the discussion around our bodily functions and created JERMS as a platform for an empowered community to come together, challenge stigmas and share knowledge.


What we stand forGut health has become kinda trendy recently, but what does it mean to you? For us, gut health isn’t about popping a probiotic and calling it a day or having some kefir for lunch. Sure, it’s a good start but as a company it’s important to us to be frank with you. It’d be great if there was - but the truth is - there’s no magic pill, product or drink. Optimal gut health comes from taking an integrative approach. While that may sound a bit ‘yawn’ or ‘hippie dippie’, ask the (wo)/men in white coats (scientists, not the other ones..) and they’ll tell you that eating a diverse range of veggies, increasing your fibre consumption, stress mitigation and exercise are important factors in maintaining a healthy and diverse gut microbiome. That’s why we created a product range of all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries not only to maintain good digestion but also to alleviate stress and help protect against environmental toxins, and why in our cafe you’ll find a plant based, fibre rich menu. But more importantly, we hope that the content we create on this website and elsewhere, empowers you to make your own informed decisions about gut health.