Meet Our Founder

Hey I’m Louise!

I was never into guts. My previous life as a corporate lawyer led me to JERMS where you’ve found me today and the journey getting here has been pretty life changing.

It all started from a lack of work/life balance. My job had me suffering from severe burnout and I started experiencing chronic stress induced gut issues like SIBO, leaky gut, acne, chronic fatigue and anxiety.

My research into finding appropriate treatments and meeting various practitioners uncovered the vital and integral role gut health has on our overall health and mental wellbeing. It floored me that bacteria in our guts could have such a significant impact on our bodies and daily wellbeing.

Soon I created JERMS and set out on my mission to change bacteria’s bad rep by redefining how we think and feel about gut health. My aim is to normalise the discussion around our bodily functions, empower humans to come together, challenge stigmas and share knowledge!

Why Are We Called Jerms

Because we ARE jerms...literally.

Yup, our bodies contain at least as much bacteria as human cells! The majority of bacteria live in our gut and form part of the gut microbiome.

Due to the obsessively sanitary nature of modern existence, bacteria’s gotten a bad rap. But these critters in our gut microbiome actually do a lot for us - they help digest food, regulate our immune system, improve our mood, stabilise weight and remove environmental toxins.

Wait, so does that mean that all this gut chat isn’t just about digestion? Exactly! Research shows that changes in the composition of our gut bacteria correlate with a wide range of health issues from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis to depression, anxiety and even acne!

At JERMS we believe that improving our gut health by nurturing our good bacteria is key to achieving both optimal physical and mental health.

Gut Health IS Health.

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